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25 February 2009
Mostly wallpapers for today! 14, to be exact. Desktops has 2 of Arwen & Aragorn from TTT, 3 from Finding Neverland (a couple are based off layouts), 1 from Strictly Ballroom, 1 from I Capture the Castle and 2 from Rain Shadow. They're all widescreen this time - 1280x800 px. (I think.) The first Rain Shadow and the first Arwen & Aragorn ones are my favourites. I also updated Utter Fool with 4 new Robin Hood wallpapers.
Book graphics has 1 East wallpaper, 2 Fire and Hemlock ones (wide-screen and, er, non-widescreen), 1 based on Chalice (same as the splash-collective layout), and 1 based on Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta. I love the widescreen Fire and Hemlock, and I'm proud of the Finnikin one - it was particularly fiddly!
Then there are 4 new blends - they're not particularly exciting, just that album cover meme which has been going around.
At this point, my graphics program decided to stop behaving and my browser threw a tantrum and I had to restart my computer to discover nothing still was working... so there's else really to add (credits have been updated as necessary, etc). Oh well. I'll live.

21 November 2008 - music videos and icons
There are two new music videos - a Robin & Marian one, and a multi-fandom "Holding Out for a Hero" one (Doctor Who, Robin Hood, Batman and Zorro). They are my favourite music vids out of the ones I've made so far, particularly the latter. I hope you enjoy them.
I made some new avatars / icons - 10 from the intro/conclusion to the Tales of Peter Rabbit and Friends, 14 from the first two episodes of North and South, 20 from Finding Neverland, and 3 from Chalice. I also joined some new fanlistings.

20 November 2008 - Finally, an update!
To start with, it's a new layout. Version 3.3 and features images of Sylvia Llewelyn Davies and J M Barrie from the film Finding Neverland, along with Sylvia's sons and James' dog. The quote "Neverland. It's a wonderful place... one day I'll take you there." is also from the film. The colour scheme has been lightened, the background is now a dark blue-green pattern, and the layout has been tweaked slightly in places. The collective/splash layout is based on the novel Chalice by Robin McKinley. I love the latter, much more than the Finding Neverland one, but I'm still satisfied with both.
Other changes include moving most my stories and all of the poetry across to livejournal, where it has been friends-locked. I also added a new story and a few new poems. You're welcome to friend me and read them, I just didn't want them to be public anymore.
The about me section has received an obligatory update, along with the site section, but that is really all for the moment. I should have some more things to add later today or tomorrow.
Please note: the site address is now http://herenya.webs.com, although any http://freewebs.com/herenya links still work (and shall continue to work) perfectly well.

February 2008
14 February 2008
Introducing Utter Fool, a livejournal which is now the home for my Robin Hood obsession and all that inspires. Graphics and opinions can now be found there, along with new icons and banners. However, my latest vid (a Robin Hood / Princess Bride crossover) can be found here too. The collective has been updated to include it, and there's also a link in the navigation bar (under fansites).
I have changed and updated the about me section. Otherwise, it is just small changes, such as the link to freewebs - the horrible blue bar has been replaced by a small grey button down the bottom of all main pages...
As the "about me" spiel says, I'm going to university and this may result in a hiatus-like situation with my websites. Even if I'm not updating, this place, Back In Time, Utter Fool and the fanlistings are still being taken care of. I'll update when I can. I am hoping to sort out things at Back In Time in the next few days.
~ Herenya

November 2007
24 November 2007
Thus ends the informal hiatus. Unfortunately (I was travelling) I missed the site's second birthday on September 21st. Two years of Herenya's Ramblings...
There just are a few new graphics today - 2 wallpapers of the A&E version of Emma, and 2 avatars and wallpapers of the recent version of Northanger Abbey. Mashiara has also been recently updated with new avatars and wallpapers.
As well as fixing up my 'about me' and other little things, I've added my latest music video (a Doctor/Rose fanvid) and joined some new fanlistings.
The webhost have added 'blue bars' advertising themselves to all sites; as much as it irritates me, it is beyond my control. I apologise, and shall see what I can do to rectify things as soon as I can. Please let me know of any suggestions!

July 2007
17 July 2007 - New Layout
This is layout version 3.2! It features images from the BBC North & South adaptation (which is based on the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell, a contemporary of Charlotte Bronte) and the lyrics are from Josh Groban's "You're the Only Place". I'm indebted to THIS music video, which inspired me to read the book, watch the TV series and, um, listen to more Josh Groban. There has been a slight colour-scheme change, most noticably with the brown background, and the font's a bit smaller. It's not exactly as planned, but I'm happy with how it's turned out! I've replaced the collective/splash layout with a new one based off the final scene from the film Finding Neverland, with lyrics from Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle". The previous one has become the Xarlia page (found under stories), which is about the story I'm writing.
There's also 4 North and South wallpapers, including two of the 'train scene' and a large random collection of avatars/icons - mostly Margaret or Mr Thornton, with the Higginses thrown in. A North & South blend very similar to the current layout can be found here.
That's basically everything...

16 July 2007 - Never forget the outlaws
New music videos! Robin Hood - Merry Men is a silly vid using music from Shrek and clips from early episodes. When You Were My Girl is a Doctor/Rose vid, in which the Doctor looks back on his time with Rose, with clips from S2 and the start of S3. I'm very pleased with them, especially the timing on the Robin Hood one, so please take a look and tell me what you think! The other new music video is more just a personal picture-slideshow of landscape photos to George Winston's "Cloudy this Morning".
In true obsessive fashion, there are A LOT of icons from the final two episodes of Robin Hood - over 100, I think, I did not count. Consequently, I've moved all Robin Hood icons to a separate page, here. They're all textless, a lot of Robin and Marian and definitely contain spoilers for the ending. There's also handful of Doctor Who Doomsday icons, for something different.

13 June 2007 - I apologise for being so... so... shippy...
Currently I'm being rather obsessive about Robin Hood (I have the boxset! Hehehehe...) Hence there are over 60 avatars/icons and 8 banners. They're of episodes 8 and 9 (Tattoo? What Tattoo? and A Thing Or Two About Loyalty). It just started as icons from the scene in which Marian's upset.... and then I felt like making some more general ones, and then I decided to do some of Much in episode 9... and so on...
No other updates, asides from joining a couple of fanlistings.
more rambling about Robin Hood

May 2007
21 May 2007 - chapters and avatars
I'll start with the graphics. There are quite a few new avatars/icons - in fact, 20 Pride and Prejudice (2005 film), 20 Finding Neverland and 19 The Lord of the Rings. As well, I've added 3 Pride and Prejudice banners. The first two chapters of my novel in progress have been posted. The first chapter's just a more recent draft than what was up previously, the second chapter has a lot of new content in it. I'm feeling apprehensive about posting it here, so please respect that.
As for layouts - modifications have been made no non-menu pages which should address the inconsistancies which existed between them (argh! nightmare!), allow for easily returning to main section and the home page and make them easy to read because of the narrower-table format. As for the menu pages, I've added some new things to misc, given some more information on stories and snippets, fixed up some problems existing with quotes( and so on.) The updates page is no longer a pop-up, and I'm changing the format updates are presented in to allow for that I seem to update with more content less frequently.
I'm off to update Back In Time, including adding new Nine and Rose avatars and banners from series 1, 2 & 3 - so check those out too!

03.05.2007 - I've been silent here too long, but my main creative endeavour is writing a novel and not something I'm currently posting here. (It's going reasonably, thanks for asking...) However, I have made graphics lately and they're now up here - wallpapers of Beatrix Potter, Becoming Jane, Strictly Ballroom and a couple of misc ones, and over a dozen Robin Hood avatars/icons! I'm especially pleased with the later - hehehe, meet my latest obsession.
Otherwise, my fanlistings have been updated, I've joined a few more and made some changes to the about me blurb.

February 2007
01.02.2007 - A new layout! Version 3.2 features images of Beatrix Potter and animals from The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends, lyrics from the TV series' theme "Perfect Day" and ... everything is pretty much the same. I really love this show's intro - see comments below. You can read about the new layout here. As well, I've added a page explaining the story with my blog, a screencap of the previous layout, fixed a few links and joined a few new fanlistings.

January 2007
29.01.2007 - I've re-worked the about me section, updated the first chapter of my novel, added my Doctor Who fanfics to misc and attempted to sort out a few formatting problems. *sighs* Some of the ramblings/stories are still centred unusually, sorry.

23.01.2007 - The first update of the new year. I've been updating all my sites, albeit only significant updates at Back In Time (new banners and a fanfic) and here. Alterations have been made to the splash/collective page, and I've added a few new things to my profile.
As for graphics, I've made four new banners, three new wallpapers and two new book graphics. Three of the banners and all of the wallpapers are based off the introduction of the kids TV series The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends because it's very pictureseque and I love the theme music. It's highly likely that that is what a new layout will be based off. The other banner is of Harriet Vane from a TV adaption of Have His Carcase (which I haven't seen, but I've just read the book) and there's a book graphic/blend based on one of its sequels Gaudy Night. The other book graphic is based on two characters from the Wheel of Time.

December 2006
I hope you all have a relaxing holiday and is able to enjoy the festive time of year! Thank you to those who gave me lovely Christmas cards! Here's mine to you ***. It's not about to win an award for pretty-ness, but I'm not supposed to be doing this at the moment and this computer monitor is problematic (making graphics difficult). If that's an excuse.
In between Christmas preparations and reading too many books, all I've got to add today is a handful of book-based and painting-based avatars (I also made a few wallpapers, but they didn't really... work...) and I reorganised the avatars a bit. Hopefully once Christmas and seeing relatives is over (and I've run out of books to read) I might do a bit more about the place. One can hope.
Best wishes, all.
~ Herenya

01.12.2006 - Almost two months since I last updated, and in that time I've survived exams and escaped from school and spent too much time updating Back In Time, opened the fanlisting for the Doctor Who episode Boom Town and locked my blog (comment if you want the password). The only graphics I've done of late are Doctor-Who focused; I might put some up here, but for the moment they're all to be found on Back In Time. I've just joined a few new fanlistings (I think that brings the total joined up to 185) and updated the about-me page and added the fanlisting to the site collective. Hopefully I'll get around to coming up with some non-Doctor Who updates soon, I could do with a change.

October 2006
06.10.2006 - Oops! Slight error with scrollbars fixed, and I forgot to say too, that I've recently updated the layout on my blog - not in a big way, but the font has changed and I've touched up the main image and so on...

05.10.2006 - Oh, look it's a new layout! (So much for exam revision...) Version 2.4 is called All Alone. It's not greatly different from the old one, but since it had been up since May, I decided I felt like a change. The pictures are from the 1983 BBC version of Jane Eyre. The biggest alteration is the different effect on links, and the new navigation, which I think has been vastly improved. It now includes affiliates, and a lot of the avatars above navigation have been changed. I've used style.css this time, which should make alterations in the future much easier! Also, I've done a lot of fixing up around the place. Herenya has been updated, site has been split into two pages, I've added my Wheel of Time obsession test to misc, resized the icons for wallpapers. There are a few new wallpapers, and a couple of new avatars as well.
The splash page has gone, and instead that page now serves as a site collective. That layout is of the character in my story, Xarlia, and the words are from my new poem.

September 2006
22.09.2006 - Happy First Birthday to Herenya's Ramblings! The site opened one year ago yesterday! On the topic of birthdays, today is also "Hobbit Day", being the birthday of both Frodo and Bilbo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings. There are no big changes, just wallpapers added to another page that rather desperately needs revamping/reorganising. The new wallpapers include ones of a 'girl in a pink dress', (actually actress Billie Piper, who also has her birthday today - purely coincidental!). Unfortunately, school is rather intervening with things at the moment, so just bear with me, this site needing reorganising, a new layout, etc...
My Doctor Who site Back In Time has been updated of late, with a lot of new icons, banners, sound clips, information and the newest edition, a forum! I've only cross-posted the wallpapers here so far, and I'd love if you'd check it out. 'Night!

August 2006
23.08.2006 - It's just graphics today... There are four new Doctor Who wallpapers, eight Doctor Who banners, and thirty-two Doctor Who avatars. (Starting to notice a pattern?) I've actually made more avatars - six of Faramir and Eowyn from The Return of the King, a dozen from Pride and Prejudice and a handful from Finding Neverland. The avatar page now has links to help you find exact categories - I realise that with that many 100x100 squares on it, I'm going to have to divide it into more pages. Next time...
Back In Time has been majorly updated and revamped, with a new layout and so on. While I post most of my DW graphics here and there, Back In Time does have mores, please take a look.

July 2006
29.07.2006 - Firstly, I have two (!) new affilates: Emrys, and the unique me! Please check out these wonderful sites (and admire their layouts!)
I've also made several new banners - six are from Doctor Who (two of Harriet Jones, and the others are of Captain Jack, the Ninth Doctor, the two computer programmers from 'Bad Wolf' and Sarah Jane Smith), and the other is based on my favourite painting, called 'The Pioneer'.

23.07.2006 - I've added a new page where I've list all the fanlistings I have joined. I've linked that from the Herenya, where the fanlistings previously were listed. Another new page is for my site collective, about the other sites I own. (They are also linked from the splash page.)
In graphics news, I've made four new Doctor Who wallpapers, and a whole lot of new Doctor Who avatars.

29.07.2006 - Firstly, I have two (!) new affilates: Emrys, and the unique me! Please check out these wonderful sites (and admire their layouts!)
I've also made several new banners - six are from Doctor Who (two of Harriet Jones, and the others are of Captain Jack, the Ninth Doctor, the two computer programmers from 'Bad Wolf' and Sarah Jane Smith), and the other is based on my favourite painting, called 'The Pioneer'.
23.07.2006 - I've added a new page where I've list all the fanlistings I have joined. I've linked that from the Herenya, where the fanlistings previously were listed. Another new page is for my site collective, about the other sites I own. (They are also linked from the splash page.)
In graphics news, I've made four new Doctor Who wallpapers, and a whole lot of new Doctor Who avatars.

June 2006
29.06.2006 - I've been feeling that it is about time I updated properly. The counter reached 1,000 in the last few weeks, and I'd like to thank everyone who has been visiting my site! As for graphic news, I have several new banners: two of Galadriel, and three of Jane Eyre as a child from the 1983 TV series, and a couple of strange-LotR-fantasy wallpapers. Book graphics has been updated with a few of my Nynaeve/Lan graphics and I've added information to the page about me, which is also where the fanlistings I've joined (I've joined more...) can be seen. Incidently, I also made a couple of new colour schemes for The Kingdom Forum today and I'd be interested to get feed-back on the graphics on them.
26.06.2006 - I'm excited - I have a new site, Mashiara! (Chances are, if Mashiara doesn't mean much to you, neither will the site... :-P ) It's a fansite and the fanlisting for Nynaeve al'Meara and al'Lan Mandragoran from The Wheel of Time, and I'd love you to take a look! I put a LOT of work into it.
02.06.2006 - I have a new affiliate: Etherealized Dreams, and I've added some more link-to-me buttons and a section about previous layouts here! (I'm procrastinating from studying for exams...)

May 2006
21.05.2006 - I'm pleased to announce that layout version 2.3 is now up! :-D Instead of being blue, it is a pale grey-purple, and the main pages have a dark green background. The main images are of my rabbits. More information about the layout is available here. Everything should be working - all of the pages should now have the new layout and colour scheme, and if in the next little while I have to wade through a page of html, looking for what has gone wrong, I think I'll scream! :-P . The layout has been changed to match on my blog. Please let me know what you think!
I cannot promise any more updates for a while; the pressure and stress involved with school is increasing, and I'm not sure whether I'll actually have much free time... :( Please check my blog if you are interested in how I am surviving!
21.05.2006 - The quotes has been updated, with a lot of new quotes from films and books, as well as random expressions I have collected. The latest draft of the first two chapters my of my novel, "Waiting", has been added. It can be found down the bottom of the stories page.

20.05.2006 - I've made 3 layouts that are available for use. One is of Roux (Johnny Depp) from "Chocolat", another is based on a quote from "Wheel of Time" and the third is of Lucan, a small boy in the film "King Arthur". You can check them out here!

19.05.2006 - There are a lot of new graphics today! I've made 3 banners and 4 avatars of Alanna, and a banner of Aliane, both of whom are characters from books by Tamora Pierce. Also new are 3 Galadriel banners and 4 wallpapers based on the film "King Arthur", of Guinevere, Arthur and Lancelot, and a few Lord of the Rings banners I made quite a while ago that I hadn't added. Please take a look!

12.05.2006 - There is a new blend, I've joined a handful more of fanlistings!

April 2006 25.04.2006 - Herenya's Ramblings has a new affiliate: Simple Dreams! :-D If anyone is interested in affiliating with me please just leave me a message! Also, I have two new avatars of Sprocc from the picture book "The Worst Band in the Universe" (I happen to think he is cute... Image hosted by Photobucket.com), and two new banners. Both are based off songs by Loreena McKennitt, "The Bonny Swans" and "The Old Ways", and use images from her DVD "No Journey's End".

21.04.2006 - It's feels like it's been long-time, no see (due to evil necessities of school and homework) but it's lots of updates today! :-P *takes deep breath* There is a new banner and an avatar of the singer Moya Brennan, and a desktop/blend of her as well! There are two other new blends, one of which is wallpaper-size. Also, a new book graphic - a manipulated image supposed to be of Moiraine and her warder from "Wheel of Time". The icons above the menu have changed on the home page and the stories page. I've joined a few (well, okay, ten) new fanlistings and up their codes up (see Herenya). Finally, I've added a mood-smilies box to my diary/blog... I think that will do for tonight, somehow.

March 2006
24.03.2006 - An afflitiate! :-D Fantasy Worlds! Listed affiliate under site...
23.03.2006 - A major graphics update today! :-) Three new banners (two based on McCubbins paintings, and one from "Finding Neverland"), a book banner based on "East" and five "East" avatars. Also, I've added to the graphics at Back in Time with nineteen new avatars of the Doctor and Rose. Please have a look at them!
17.03.2006 - I've now got a layout up that's available for use! The Faery Sorrows of a Princess is the first layout for a non-specific purpose that I've designed, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. The layout is also linked from the misc page - see for more information.
17.03.2006 - My diary/blog's layout has been changed. Not the colours (because for some strange reason I don't change colours) but the images and layout. For more explanation/description see my ramblings.
13.03.2006 - The list of fanlistings I have joined has been moved to the Herenya page. (I joined a few more fanlistings, too... just for fun...)
11.03.2006 - Layout version 2.2 is now up! It's the first layout not to be centered or overly use iframes (I decided that it was silly to have two scrollbars on each page!)It features a river in the main picture, as well the train station image used in the last layout. It also has a splash page (with some very... random images on it) and the font has been changed from the default times new roman to verdana.
While all the main pages have been updated, I haven't had a chance to alter ALL the stories etc, so some pages still use the old fonts (and the page titles are still need a bit more sorting out.) However, all the links should be working, and I will deal with the former asap.
10.03.2006 - The page about Herenya has been updated, and so has the site page. I'm in the process of putting up layout version 2.2, so I apologise for any broken links and other muddle that may result until I straighten it all out.
07.03.2006 - Graphics again. Eight new banners from Bridget Jones's Diary, and a Finding Neverland wallpaper. I'm hoping to be able to do a major update in the next few weeks. Hopefully!

February 2006
22.02.2006 - There are four new banners: three are from "Finding Neverland" and the other is Gilbert from "What's Eating Gilbert Grape". Also, the counter is now over 500! yay! :-D It's also my birthday today, so excitment all round!
07.02.2006 - It's been back to school-ness of late. School really does interfer with ones life. *sighs* Anyways, there are a good couple of dozen "Pride and Prejudice" icons/avatars I made here!

January 2006
28.01.2006 - The graphics page has been updated, including a new tagboard for graphics requests.
27.01.2006 - There's a new layout on the dairy diary page! :-)
24.01.2006 - There are 16 new banners: a few Doctor Who, a lot of Narnia and a few ... others. Also, the wallpapers have been updated.
15.01.2006 - I'm going to be away; hence no more updates for a while. (Applies to BiT too). For a bit, at anyrate. ~ Herenya
13.01.2006 - Sorry, not much news this end. I had a mouthful of updating at Back in Time - information, banners, avatars,a calendar, wallpapers, lot more links, and etc. So if you're interesting in BiT's content, I suggest you check it out!
01.01.2006 - Happy New Year! Was bored, changed http://www.freewebs.com/ladyherenya home page slightly... (I use Lady Herenya for hosting extra files... ;-) )

December 2005
28.12.2005 - I survived Christmas... ;-) There are seven new Doctor Who banners. Enjoy! :-)
23.12.2005 - Two days to Christmas! *gets excited* Eight new doctor who banners, and Back in Time has been updated too. :-) Merry Christmas everyone!
21.12.2005 - Okay, major layout change this time! :-) This is the first layout that differs completely, from the other 'two', and I'm rather pleased how it worked. It features photographs I took... I believe with my phone, in the rain... Image hosted by Photobucket.com Anyway, I hope you all like! There's been a new section added site and the info on the "links" and "guestbook" has been moved there.
20.12.2005 - New lot of avatars here!
14.12.2005 - Back in Time has been updated with more graphics. (Animations and a lot more pictures in the gallery). There are also a lot of Doctor Who avatars there that I haven't added to the avatar page here... ;-)
13.12.2005 - I've updated my "waiting" pages (my novel-in-progress)! The new version of chapter one is now available, and I've added another 'installment/chapter' which I've just recently written...
11.12.2005 - So much for tomorrow. Both the stories are now up under "Stories" - "At the Traffic Lights" and "What we all fear.." For an extended commentary/information on them, click here!
08.12.2005 - I've written a short story - well, actually, two. I think I might need to do a read-through/quick edit before I put either of them up, so I'll be doing that tomorrow. When I'm properly awake... ;-)
05.12.2005 - Back in Time is my fansite for the Ninth Doctor, from Doctor Who! (Yes, I like to be obsessive about things. lol) I'd love you to visit, even if you have no idea of what I'm talking about. Just click on the link. ;)

03.12.2005 - Nope, haven't forgotten website. I've been working... on, well, a website. I'll post the link when I've finished ;) Just letting you know, confirming that it is the month of December and I'm still alive. Well, I was last time I checked...

November 2005
30.11.2005 - Two new banners, this time of dragons. They were made for the 'Dragons Fanclub' at the Kingdom forum, and I believe one says as much on it...
24.11.2005 - And it's just over a month to Christmas, to my... I think horror is too strong a word. Four more banners this time Graphics >> Banners (Mr Bennet and Elizabeth from 'Pride and Prejudice' and two from the film King Arthur). Also, the links page has a few changes - Yep, again! ;-)
23.11.2005 - Several things have been undated this time. There's an attempt at a banner of the Bennet sisters (from the recent Pride and Prejudice film) under 'Graphics >> Banners', a short storie 'Dinnertime Genetics' in the snippets section, a poem 'Credit Music' under Poetry, more links have been added to the links section, the guestbook page has been changed (noticably a new 'guestbook' picture)... and more of the updates show on the homepage. Phew!
21.11.2005 - The "About Herenya" section has been upgraded *cough* up.. up.. you know what I mean, anyway. No longer do I keep on repeating myself, it's re-formatted, and I've added some more random stuff. :-)
18.11.2005 - The Kingdom of Rambling Herenya - my theoretical, virtual (etc) nation can be viewed here. We're rapidly becoming a dictatorship... but it's a bit of a laugh. lol.
12.11.2005 - Four new banners based on the film "Ever After" (actually, there are six, but a couple are the same with different quotes on them) in graphics >> banners. I seem to like making banners of things that are really hard to find pictures of! *rolls eyes*
11.11.2005 - Remembrance Day, and my History Exam *gulps* Well, I managed to survive the latter...
06.11.2005 - A review of the book "Gaudy Night" has been added under 'misc'. It's a good book, and I really recommend it!
05.11.2005 - The counter hit 200! :-D If you're visiting my site, please sign my guestbook. It makes me feel better... (pathetic request, I know... I'm sick at the moment, if that explains it.)

October 2005
31.10.2005 - I've added new poem, "i wish", (thanks to Erubadhriel, who didn't misplace her copy like I did...) and two new banners in the book graphics section, of Kel from the 'Protector of the Small' books.
27.10.2005 - Yay! :-) I've properly changed the layout, despite telling myself that I had a lot of other things I should be doing... especially on the diary pages! :-p There should now be a 'banner' at the top of the page, and I faded the background. (thanks to Celebwen for the idea!)
26.10.2005 - A new "Banners" section with new banners, and five new avatars (LotR and Random)
25.10.2005 - Two new banners under book graphics - both of Daine from The Immortals quartet, and an avatar of the same subject... :-p, and a new Doctor Who avatar...
22.10.2005 - Slight changes to the general layout - most noticably a different background! Also the tagboard on the diary pages is once again functioning. :-)
21.10.2005 - More book graphics - four banners based on each of the characters from "Circle of Magic" (by Tamora Pierce)
19.10.2005 - There is a link to a fanlisting for the Ninth Doctor (Doctor Who) added under links.
16.10.2005 - The graphics page is (finally) up! :-) There is a bit of problem with the linking *scowls at computer* but I'm working on it.
12.10.2005 - A list of plot clich?s has been added to "misc", and several links to quotation pages can be found in the "quote collection". Random trivia - if you are bored, google "failure" and click "I'm feeling lucky"... :-p
11.10.2005 - There is a list of recommended books, with cover pictures, and links to previews in the "misc" section. Out of interest... check out this site. It takes about 30 seconds - trust me!
How to keep an idiot busy
10.10.2005 - There are more quotes, including "Red Dwarf" ones, in the quote section. And hopefully there will be something on the graphics page soon... I'm working on it! :-)
05.10.2005 - The "Links" page has been updated...

September 2005
23.09.2005 - All the links for the "Quotes" page are now working...
22.09.2005 - Happy "Hobbit" Day (Frodo and Bilbo's B'day) everyone! If the Tagboard on the Herenya's Diary Pages is not working, messages can be left on it by accessing the board here.
21.09.2005 - Project Ramble is revealed! It's finally up on the net, and I think most of the links work... correction, all of the links should work.

~ statistics
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