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Herenya's Ramblings started as a blog on diaryland.com in April 2005, and was expanded into a personal site for Herenya's stories, graphics and other creative endeavours in September 2005. Herenya still has her blog with diaryland (although as of August 2006, she also posts on livejournal.)
Most of this site's content has now been moved. Writings - fanfiction, stories and poetry - can be found at http://ladyherenya.livejournal.com (albiet, friends-locked). Graphics and quotes can be found at http://utterfool.livejournal.com.
This site is for personal and entertainment purposes only.

This layout features Margaret Dashwood from the 2008 BBC mini-series Sense and Sensibility. She complains that "Girls can never do anything. Men can ride about the country and do things, and girls just sit and wait for things to happen." Given that she was living in 19th England, I thought she probably had a good point.

~ previous layouts

Herenya's Ramblings over time...

Lady Herenya's Diary
An early blog layout, this is the first diary layout I made all by myself. The photographs were all taken by me, and features (aside from myself) a landscape covered by fog. It was up, with several variations from around May 2005 until at least the end of the year.

version 1.1 Crossroads
This layout featured a background image of sunset at the beach, a different quote at the top and bottom of each page, and a basic LotR banner down the very bottom. On the home page, under updates, were lyrics to Don McLean's "Crossroads".
It was up from when the site opened in September for about a month.

version 1.2
Not differing greatly from the previous version, this layout featured a faded background image a flooded lake with a banner at the top of the page of the lake and the words "Herenya's Ramblings". All else was the same.
This layout was up until mid-December 2005.

version 2.1 Cloudy this morning
This layout had a main image of a train station, which also depicted an image of a hand writing in a notebook and a strange photograph of yours truly. (The photographs were taken using a camera-phone... in the rain.) The background was textured blue with stars, and featured the words to my poem "Dreams". It was the first layout to have a pop-up tagboard, a link to my Doctor Who fansite in the navigation menu, an avatar above the navigation and didn't feature quotes on each of the main pages. It was up from December 2005 to March 2006.

version 2.2 River
River was the first layout not to be centered or overly use iframes. With a plain blue background, the main image featured a river, as well the train station image used in the previous layout. It also had a splash page (with some very... random images on it) and the font was changed from the default times new roman to verdana, and to vladimir script instead of freebooter script. It was up until the end of May 2006.

version 2.3 Misty and Willow
This layout featured black-and-white photographs of a grey rabbit with an old-fashioned telephone and playing the piano, and a girl holding a grey rabbit (with the train station in the corner). Again centred, this is the first layout to use different colours, not featuring the pale-blue-grey colour used on all the previous layouts but a more purple hue of the same colour and a dark green background. The background of the centre tables on the main pages was a texture based on an image from the film Narnia. The line on the main image, "it's just a silly phase I'm going through" is from the 10cc song "I'm not in love". Fonts used were Verdana, Vladimir Script and Porcelain.
This layout was up from May until October 2006.

version 2.4 All Alone
This layout featured images of the child Jane Eyre from the 1983 BBC series Jane Eyre, with the train station still in the corner. Navigation changed to include affiliates and fansites, and the splash page was expanded into a site collective. It retained the same background image, colour scheme and fonts as the previous layout, and the line "It's just a silly phase I'm going through" from the 10cc song "I'm not in love".
This layout was up from October 2006 until March 2007.

version 3.1 days that never end
This layout featured images of Beatrix Potter and animals from the introduction to the TV series The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends. The lyrics quoted were from the song "Perfect Day", the show's credit music. The image and fonts (Chopin script and Edwardian script) differed greatly from the preceding layouts, but the background image and colour scheme remained the same.
This layout was up from March to July 2007.

version 3.2 You're the Only Place
This layout featured images of the characters (mainly Margaret and Mr Thornton) from the BBC adaptation of North and South. The lyrics quoted were from Josh Groban's song "You're the Only Place". The colour scheme was slightly altered from version 3.1 - mostly notably the background colour changed from green-blue to brown - but the fonts remained the same.
This layout was up from July 2007 to November 2008.

version 3.2 One Day I'll Take You There
This layout features images of Sylvia Llewelyn Davies and J M Barrie from the film Finding Neverland, along with Sylvia's sons and James' dog. The quote "Neverland. It's a wonderful place... one day I'll take you there" is also from the film. The colour scheme was lightened, the background changed to a dark blue-green pattern, and the layout tweaked slightly in places. The main fonts used are porcelain, vladimir script and verdana.
This layout was up from November 2008 onwards.

~ site collective layouts

Previous layouts for my site collective "Herenya Central".

version 1
The site-collective image was based on a character, Xarlia, from my novel Waiting, with words from my poem "Sketches of a convict".
This was up from October 2006 to July 2007.

version 2
This layout featured JM Barrie and Peter from the final scene of the film Finding Neverland, with lyrics from Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle".
This was up from July 2007 to November 2008.

version 3
This layout was based on the novel Chalice by Robin McKinley.
This was up from November 2008 to July 2010.

I hope this explains more than it doesn't.
~ Herenya

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