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ram∑ble intr.v., rambled, rambling, rambles. To speak or write at length and with many digressions.

Iím not really sure why you are here (but since I'm not sure why I am here, either, I won't press the point.) You've stumbled across my corner online for my creative endeavours and obsessions: writings, stories and poetry, quotes, graphics, music videos, quizzes, book reviews, layouts...
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16 July 2010
Long time, no update. So it's time for some changes. Firstly, most of this site's content has now been moved. Writings - fanfiction, stories and poetry - can be found at http://ladyherenya.livejournal.com (albiet, friends-locked). Graphics and quotes can be found at http://utterfool.livejournal.com. This decision was made because I wanted an easier way to manage everything, and to archive older stuff. In consequence, I've deleted a lot of the pages around here.
Secondly, there do be a new layout at 'Herenya Central', featuring Margaret Dashwood from the 2008 BBC mini-series Sense and Sensibility, which I really like. (I thought Margaret was delightful, and showed much more promise of growing into an interesting young woman than she did in the novel...)
Thirdly... no, I don't think there is a thirdly, except that presumably, I shan't be updating here very much any more. The best way to discover any new updates is check either of the blogs.

Herenya's Ramblings still ain't going anywhere, all things considered. But this is an end of sorts. I would like to say something witty here, but playing around with coding has made me too tired to think. Will the wildly irrelevant "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepared to die," do? :-P
Anyway, it's been fun, folks.
~ Herenya

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